Lose Weight – Reduce Your Body Fat And Increase Your Overall Health


An Amazing Change To Your Body

Reducing your body fat is an amazing change you can make in your life. Along with a host of health benefits, becoming slimmer will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Your fitness will skyrocket, your waistline will shrink and you’ll have more energy and confidence.

How We Will Transform Your Body Together

Quite simply, if you don’t enjoy your training you probably won’t stick with it, and we don’t blame you. So, we will make your training enjoyable, varied and rewarding. If you enjoy it, you’ll do it. If you do it, you’ll look great. It’s that simple.

After learning about you and what you enjoy, we’ll create an exercise programme that works for you. We’ll use a range of training styles and tools to make sure your exercise stays interesting and you’ve always got something new to learn and do.

Weight loss is not about 20 minutes of dull and painful running, it’s about enjoying watching yourself become fitter and stronger across a diverse and interesting range of exercise. After 4-6 weeks you’ll start to notice an amazing difference.

The ‘D’ Word – Banishing The Word Diet

Diets are no fun. While nutrition does make up a part of the success you’ll see, the answer is not to have you eating like an ascetic monk.

We will provide you with simple, manageable and effective nutritional guidance. Again, the emphasis is on you. It’s all about your life, tastes and schedule. We’ll make sure you continue to get the pleasure from food you always have.


Take a look through some of our weight loss clients and their experience with Nathan Towle Personal Training:

  • Name :  Lee
  • Age :  48
  • Occupation :  Cabin Crew

Goals :   Reduce body fat (especially around the stomach) increase muscle size and strength, increase fitness

Lee came to us looking for the whole package: reduced body fat, increased fitness, increased strength and more toned muscles. Reducing Lee's body fat and increasing his fitness were twinned in his training programme. Research shows the most effective exercise for both is interval training (explained here) and we employed this across the diverse range of boxing, running, cycling, circuit style weight training and rowing. The great variety we brought to Lee's exercise meant he was so far from getting bored he's still training with us more than a year later!

This is how Lee feels about his exercise journey with us:

"I'd been a gym user on and off over the years but I was never quite sure if what I was doing was right or was  gaining me any advantage towards the goals I had set myself. When I saw Nathan working with one of his clients I thought maybe that's what I need, the instruction and the motivation  to achieve with my workouts. I tentatively approached him to set up my first introduction session and haven’t looked back over a year later.

Working with Nathan has changed not only my body, with gains in fitness and muscle size and strength, but my whole lifestyle is improved.

The workouts are challenging and sometimes technical but I happy am to let Nathan's expertise and knowledge guide me. Through this training I am in the best shape of my life.

Nathan  is a joy to work with always manages to get the best out of me.  Anyone thinking about taking their training to the next level  would be crazy not to take that first step and book an intro session. See  for yourself how motivational  and inspiring a Nathan workout can be. You've got nothing to lose but can gain so much!"

  • Name :  Alyssa
  • Age :  34
  • Occupation :  Teacher

Goals :  Reduce body fat, enjoy running

Alyssa had always wanted to be one of those people she saw running on the street at all hours but her own attempts with running had not gone well. She admired these runners for their confidence and the way that going for a run wasn't a horrible struggle. They made it look so easy and they did it because they wanted to. Luckily for us, teaching people how to enjoy exercise so it becomes a rewarding pursuit is our favourite thing to do.

By guiding Alyssa through the initial stages of fitness we were able to show her it doesn't have to be a painful experience. Once she saw herself becoming fitter she was off on her own, running regularly outside because she wanted to. From there, becoming slimmer was straightforward.

This is what Alyssa says about her road to running:

"I used to watch the people I saw running early in the morning and have no idea how they did it. I wanted to be one of those people but my own runs were never good and my resolve quickly disappeared. When I went to Nathan wanting to lose some weight he spent a long time coming to understand me and how I felt about exercise and really what I wanted to achieve. One of the things that he identified was this desire to be a person who going out for a run wasn't a big deal but was just a normal part of life.

Nathan explained to me that the initial stages of fitness are the hardest and that once I was fitter and more comfortable running it was all much much easier. We worked together through this initial, harder stage of fitness to the point where I ran 5km for the first time and then he let me loose on my own. He emphasised very strongly that I needed to slow down with my running. That in the past it had not been enjoyable simply because I was running too fast and asking too much of myself.

With my new fitness and the instruction to slow down and take my time I found running on my own really wasn't so hard after all. From there Nathan's guidance on nutrition and the exercise plan he set up for me meant I was able to slim down and hit my target weight in five months. And I'm still enjoying running today! Thank you so much Nathan."

  • Name :  Amy
  • Age :  27
  • Occupation :  Architect

Goals :  Drop a dress size, regain her confidence

After Amy left university and began work she noticed herself slowly gaining weight. She was no longer as active and her workload meant that finding the time and motivation to exercise was increasingly difficult. Our plan with Amy was simple and effective. Undertake highly efficient exercise that best made use of her limited time and devise ways for her to eat well in and around her work. Amy steadily lost 3.5kg over 6 weeks, regained her target dress size and once again felt great about her body.

As she says herself:

"Some time after university I began to become unhappy with my body and decided to make a change. I went to Nathan and I'm so glad I did. We did many different types of training and Nathan was always a pleasure to be around and kept me motivated. After a few weeks I got back to enjoying exercise and looking forward to our gym sessions which wasn't something I had felt for a long time.

Nathan gave me very specific advice around food and making sure I always had food available to eat. I had gotten into the habit of going long stretches without eating and then eating a lot of things I shouldn't because I was so hungry. Nathan found ways for me eat on the go and snack in healthy ways and this made a huge difference to how I felt and in time to how I looked.

Through this training and Nathan's friendly guidance and support I lost the weight and I wanted to lose which made me feel great. I still follow his advice with both food and exercise and I'm still active and none of the weight has come back. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Nathan to anybody looking to lose weight."