The Muscle Gaining Plan – Enhance Your Body Shape


A Fun And Enjoyable Goal – Increasing Muscle Mass

Gaining muscle is an enjoyable and rewarding goal. You’ll eat more, train hard, learn effective and safe technique and improve your coordination and athleticism. Most importantly, you’ll build lean muscle and completely change the shape of your body.

How We Will Do It – The Muscle Building Plan

Our years of experience go into creating your tailored strength training programme. You’ll learn optimal technique across a wide range of exercises that will keep you safe while maximising strength and size gains. Your programme will cover your personal training as well as any supplementary training you do. At all times you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it. After 6-8 weeks you’ll start to see some amazing results.

We’ll also guide you through everything you need to know about nutrition. You’ll learn which supplements actually work, when meal timings are important, how to eat well even when you’re busy and much more. With our smart and varied exercise programming and manageable but effective nutrition guidance you will gain muscle fast.

What You Can Expect – How Muscle Grows

You will gain larger, more toned muscles and a greatly enhanced body shape. You’ll increase your bone and joint strength and function, have reduced injury potential, increased flexibility and mobility, increased metabolic rate (leading to lower body fat), improved heart function and, of course, become much, much stronger.


Take a look through some of the experiences of our other clients who came to us wanting to gain muscle:

  • Name :  Vivek
  • Age :  30
  • Occupation :  Software Developer

Goals :  Gain muscle & increase weight.

Prior to training with us Vivek had tried and failed a number of times to put on muscle. With a naturally skinny build he had concluded that he was just not a person that could gain weight. Personal training came as a last resort and final attempt to put on muscle and attain the look and body he wanted. Through training with us Vivek learned that with the right approach he absolutely could put on muscle and lots of it. In his first 8 weeks of training with us Vivek gained so much muscle he increased his body weight by an amazing 8.5%.

This is what Vivek says about the change that took place in those first 8 weeks:

"My previous attempts to put on muscle in the gym had failed miserably. Being on the skinny side of the fence I had always found it hard to put on weight; Nathan was my final try and I am so pleased I found him.

With Nathan's help I have managed to gain 8.5% of mass increase within the short period of 8 weeks and his work on posture has completely relieved me from the back aches I used to experience.

Weight training can be daunting and going to the gym can be intimidating but with the right support things turned out to be easy. Nathan is a very patient and friendly teacher with a very different way of training. He stands far apart from other trainers I have experienced and the way he teaches his craft is incredible.

His strength lies in his knowledge and capacity to understand the physical calibre of his clients. He is attentive about maintaining correct and safe technique to an extent I haven't seen at all in other trainers.

I will highly recommend Nathan not because he is my Personnel Trainer but because he is by far the best I have come across. He is focused and helps me to be always motivated. My sessions are usually early in the morning and Nathans warm personality really helps, he's always waiting for me with a smile on face. His commitment and zest for his work will sure take him places. Thanks for all the hard work that you have put in with me. Much appreciated!"

  • Name :  Nick
  • Age :  35
  • Occupation :  Actor

Goals :  The Hollywood body (think Ryan Reynolds)

Nick had very specific goals when he started training with us. He wanted to broaden his shoulders and create a prominent V-shaped torso, build size in his chest and biceps as well as reduce his body fat to create a great six-pack. In short, he wanted an amazing body that would make him feel great as well as advancing his career. This is exactly what we created and Nick's body has completely changed.

This is what Nick says:

"I have had several personal trainers over the last few years but without doubt Nathan has brought out the best physical results in me as he is able to empathise completely with my needs.

My core strength has vastly developed and I am now far more defined than ever before. People remark on how my body has improved. I am far less tired and I am now confident enough to wear more fitted clothes which hug my "new" body. I have also seen a vast improvement in my thighs and backside which had previously gone neglected.

What is particularly important to me is that I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. There are occasions when I appear semi-naked on stage: having a more toned body means that I feel considerably less self conscious about this. This in turn means that I am more relaxed in my work. I will continue to train with Nathan for all the foreseeable future and I would most definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a personal trainer."

  • Name :  Jon
  • Age :  62
  • Occupation :  Professor

Goals :  Strength and Health

Jon had never before done any strength training.  His goal was to become physically confidant - we achieved this and so much more. At 62, Jon now holds a one rep max deadlift of 102.5kg and continues to get stronger. He has vastly increased his whole-body strength (and health and fitness to boot!) while reducing his fat. He has completely changed his relationship to his body. At 62 Jon is in the best shape of his life.

In his own words:

"My goals were relatively modest – to get fitter and stronger – but I was unsure whether, at my age, this was realistic. Also having never been inside a gym, I had no idea how to use the strength equipment. In a busy life, it is difficult to develop the expertise and motivation to maintain, let alone improve fitness. This is what Nathan has shown me. We started slowly, but even in the early weeks I was astonished at the progress that I was able to make, particularly weight training which I had never before experienced.   

With Nathan not only has my fitness and strength increased to levels that I thought would be impossible, but I realise that I can continue to improve. I can now routinely run outside – something that I had given up several many years previously – for up to an hour, and am confident in my body strength in a range of tasks which are important for somebody whose life involves a significant amount of travel. I also no longer suffer from the aches and pains in my back that I had previously lived with for decades.

I had always thought that personal trainers were for people who aspired to play sport at a high level. But even if like me your goals are more modest, I would highly recommend Nathan as a trainer who is able to give you confidence and improve your performance from whatever level you are starting."