Even In Middle Age You Can Achieve – Jon, At 62 Manages To Lift 115kgs

My client, Jon, is 62. On Tuesday last week he hit a new personal best deadlift of 115kg.

I’m so proud I think my other clients are bored of hearing about it. It got me thinking about how far Jon can go but also more generally about how most of us aren’t as ambitious in our training as we should be.

When I talk to my clients about what they’ll be able to achieve in the future I’m often met with a guarded skepticism. I understand why, you want to see it happening before you get excited about it. But that’s not all, I also think people really do not realise what they are capable of.

The human body has an incredible capacity for performance. Sometimes changes don’t happen quite as fast as we would like but they do accumulate in an amazing way. Jon is a prime example of how consistent training adds up to huge results.

I think we should all get a little more excited, a little more ambitious, about what we can achieve when we just keep going.

Well done Jon!