All the work I do is aimed towards achieving three things: Getting you to the place where you feel completely comfortable and confident in your body, proud of what you see in the mirror, and enjoying the exercise and healthy lifestyle that takes you there.

Having set up Nathan Towle Personal Training in 2011 I’ve now spent five years building a knowledge of exercise and nutrition alongside the psychology of behaviour change and motivation. My job is to use everything I know to support you in creating and sustaining the lifestyle you know will make you happy. I’ve had some amazing and moving successes, and of course I’m still learning, and I love what I do.  


With both a BSc and MSc in Sport and Exercise Science along with many years of personal training experience, Kat has a wealth of knowledge she brings to her training.

As our resident mobile trainer, Kat comes to you with all the tools you need to get into great shape. Want to stay away from the gym with outdoor training or simply need the convenience of your trainer coming to you? Kat makes it happen.


Bernhard is our very own Man Mountain. His experience as a qualified Crossfit Coach, Barefoot Running Coach, P.A.C.E and Spin Instructor along with his regular participation in extreme assault course events and ultra marathons mean Bernie has the breadth of experience and knowledge to get you into amazing shape.

As you can see, Bernhard's expertise lies in muscle increases for strength, size and physique goals. With his attached focus on strength and conditioning biomechanics and physiology Bernie keeps you safe as you build lean mass.


As well as his BSc in Sport and Exercise Science Philip is an international Muay Thai competitor. Originally from New Zealand, Phil utilises his love of exercise and fitness, scientific background  and athletic experience to create real and lasting change in his clients.

With an equal interest in strength goals and helping those he works with become slim and healthy, Phillip utilises his breadth of expertise to help people get into great shape.