Wow, words cannot describe what wonders proper guidance and technique does!  It was truly motivating to see changes so quickly and actually seeing changes inspires one to keep going – I was absolutely hooked.  This has changed my life so completely.  I am now stronger and more confident than I have ever been and simply cannot imagine a life otherwise.  

Signing up with Nathan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I have been active all my life but wanted to take it one step further. Nathan put together customized training programs for me and very patiently went through each exercise. He made sure I absolutely learnt the correct form for each exercise and took no heed to my whines of protest.  As we progressed through the training sessions, the exercises became more intense in accordance with the increased strength that I very quickly gained.  

Nathan is truly an inspiring teacher – he has taught me so much about health, fitness, life.  I cannot thank him enough.
Doreen, Asset Manager

Nathan’s encouraging, gentle and dynamic approach has transformed my relationship to exercise.
Naomi, Doctor


I was never someone who considered myself sporty, and exercise was always a chore so inevitably I never stuck to it. I also associated the gym with treadmills I found boring, and weight training I found intimidating! My goals were to get fitter and stronger, and hopefully lose weight in the process.

Training with Nathan has helped me achieve all these, and completely changed my attitude to fitness and diet along the way, to the point that it is now a regular part of my routine that I can’t imagine being without. Helping me set targets and think about my relationship to food and exercise was just the start. The training was so varied and goal orientated (a very important element for me, as I’m a numbers person!) it really kept me motivated and never got boring.

The biggest surprise was discovering that I not only enjoyed the weight training, but was able to develop strength quickly. Previously the dumbbells and strength equipment had seemed off limits, but thanks to Nathans coaching I now feel happy and confident using them.

Nathan is a great person to train with, and being able to laugh through the sessions made even the toughest a little easier! I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to set and achieve their fitness goals.
Georgia, EA


Thank you Nathan. You helped me change something I didn’t really believe would ever change. I can’t give any higher praise than that.
Kaylee, Author


My previous attempts to put on muscle in the gym had failed miserably. Being on the skinny side of the fence I had always found it hard to put on weight; Nathan was my final try and I am so pleased I found him.
With Nathan’s help I have managed to gain 8.5% of mass increase within the short period of 8 weeks and his work on posture has completely relieved me from the back aches I used to experience.

Weight training can be daunting and going to the gym can be intimidating but with the right support things turned out to be easy. Nathan is a very patient and friendly teacher with a very different way of training. He stands far apart from other trainers I have experienced and the way he teaches his craft is incredible.

His strength lies in his knowledge and capacity to understand the physical calibre of his clients. He is attentive about maintaining correct and safe technique to an extent I haven’t seen at all in other trainers.

I will highly recommend Nathan not because he is my Personnel Trainer but because he is by far the best I have come across. He is focused and helps me to be always motivated. My sessions are usually early in the morning and Nathans warm personality really helps, he’s always waiting for me with a smile on his face. His commitment and zest for his work will sure take him places. Thanks for all the hard work that you have put in with me. Much appreciated!
Vivek, Computer Programmer


After a career change which meant long hours at a desk and foot surgery, I became a lot less active, putting on 2 stones over a couple of years. I decided to contact Nathan and I haven’t looked back since. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Nathan’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal settings.

I have not just seen a change in my body since training with him, but I have seen a drastic change in my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Nathan!
Medleen, Agent


Nathan has made fitness fun. His manageable fitness programme alongside his insights into my difficulties with exercise has without exaggeration been transformational. I look great too. Thanks Nathan!
Sally, Mother and housewife


I have had several personal trainers over the last few years but without doubt Nathan has brought out the best physical results in me as he is able to empathise completely with my needs.

My core strength has vastly developed and I am now far more defined than ever before. People remark on how my body has improved. I am far less tired and I am now confident enough to wear more fitted clothes which hug my “new” body. I have also seen a vast improvement in my thighs and backside which had previously gone neglected.

What is particularly important to me is that I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. There are occasions when I appear semi-naked on stage: having a more toned body means that I feel considerably less self-conscious about this. This in turn means that I am more relaxed in my work. I will continue to train with Nathan for all the foreseeable future and I would most definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a personal trainer.
Nick, Actor


Nathan really is an amazing trainer; I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Gary, Actor


I’d been a gym user on and off over the years but I was never quite sure if what I was doing was right or was  gaining me any advantage towards the goals I had set myself. When I saw Nathan working with one of his clients I thought maybe that’s what I need, the instruction and the motivation  to achieve with my workouts. I tentatively approached him to set up my first introduction session and haven’t looked back over a year later.

Working with Nathan has changed not only my body, with gains in fitness and muscle size and strength, but my whole lifestyle is improved.

The workouts are challenging and sometimes technical but I happy am to let Nathan’s expertise and knowledge guide me. Through this training I am in the best shape of my life.

Nathan  is a joy to work with always manages to get the best out of me.  Anyone thinking about taking their training to the next level  would be crazy not to take that first step and book an intro session. See  for yourself how motivational  and inspiring a Nathan workout can be. You’ve got nothing to lose but can gain so much!
Lee, Cabin Crew


Training with Nathan has been a fantastic experience. His company and assurance in the gym has made me feel at home in an environment that in the past I found intimidating. Now I’m fitter than I’ve ever been before. Thank you.
Ronda, Medical Consultant


My goals were relatively modest – to get fitter and stronger – but I was unsure whether, at my age, this was realistic. Also having never been inside a gym, I had no idea how to use the strength equipment. In a busy life, it is difficult to develop the expertise and motivation to maintain, let alone improve fitness. This is what Nathan has shown me. We started slowly, but even in the early weeks I was astonished at the progress that I was able to make, particularly weight training which I had never before experienced.    

With Nathan not only has my fitness and strength increased to levels that I thought would be impossible, but I realise that I can continue to improve. I can now routinely run outside – something that I had given up several many years previously – for up to an hour, and am confident in my body strength in a range of tasks which are important for somebody whose life involves a significant amount of travel. I also no longer suffer from the aches and pains in my back that I had previously lived with for decades.

I had always thought that personal trainers were for people who aspired to play sport at a high level. But even if like me your goals are more modest, I would highly recommend Nathan as a trainer who is able to give you confidence and improve your performance from whatever level you are starting.
Jon, Professor


I’ve trained with different personal trainers but Nathan is by far the best. Most importantly, his training sessions are really good fun!
Laura, PR Account Executive


I used to watch the people I saw running early in the morning and have no idea how they did it. I wanted to be one of those people but my own runs were never good and my resolve quickly disappeared. When I went to Nathan wanting to lose some weight he spent a long time coming to understand me and how I felt about exercise and really what I wanted to achieve. One of the things that he identified was this desire to be a person who going out for a run wasn’t a big deal but was just a normal part of life.

Nathan explained to me that the initial stages of fitness are the hardest and that once I was fitter and more comfortable running it was all much much easier. We worked together through this initial, harder stage of fitness to the point where I ran 5km for the first time and then he let me loose on my own. He emphasised very strongly that I needed to slow down with my running. That in the past it had not been enjoyable simply because I was running too fast and asking too much of myself.

With my new fitness and the instruction to slow down and take my time I found running on my own really wasn’t so hard after all. From there Nathan’s guidance on nutrition and the exercise plan he set up for me meant I was able to slim down and hit my target weight in five months. And I’m still enjoying running today! Thank you so much Nathan.
Alyssa, Teacher


Thanks for everything you’ve done Nathan. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Holly, Musician


Some time after university I began to become unhappy with my body and decided to make a change. I went to Nathan and I’m so glad I did. We did many different types of training and Nathan was always a pleasure to be around and kept me motivated. After a few weeks I got back to enjoying exercise and looking forward to our gym sessions which wasn’t something I had felt for a long time.

Nathan gave me very specific advice around food and making sure I always had food available to eat. I had gotten into the habit of going long stretches without eating and then eating a lot of things I shouldn’t because I was so hungry. Nathan found ways for me eat on the go and snack in healthy ways and this made a huge difference to how I felt and in time to how I looked.

Through this training and Nathan’s friendly guidance and support I lost the weight and I wanted to lose which made me feel great. I still follow his advice with both food and exercise and I’m still active and none of the weight has come back. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Nathan to anybody looking to lose weight.
Amy, Architect


I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions – they are innovative, well structured, results focused and excellent fun. No more boring gym workout!
Miriam, VP


Having spent my 20s confident that I’d be effortlessly fit and robust for ever, it was somewhat alarming to hit 34 and realise that I was, frankly, a bit feeble.  In both policing and rugby you can get by for a while on others’ assumptions that you must be quite hard.  At some point, though, someone’s going to call your bluff.  So, despite a slight inclination to sneer at the idea of personal training, I called Nathan.   

His immediate enthusiasm and obvious professionalism quickly overcame my scepticism.  In our first couple of sessions Nathan identified a lack of stability as being a key limiting factor in my performance and put together an initial programme that really focussed on this. From the start I saw my posture and mobility improving and am now lifting weights and seeing a marked increase in my strength.  I’m fitter too, and have lost many of the back and hip niggles that I’d assumed were companions for life.

My goals were to become fitter, stronger and better able to physically assert myself when the need arose.  Through Nathan’s expert and personable coaching I’m now more confident in my physicality both on the beat and on the field of play.  Even better, I’m enjoying the process.
Abi, Police Officer


Nathan really delivered everything he said he would, I’d recommend him to anyone.
Giles, Rugby Player


I’ve had back and knee problems and pains for going on 10 years now and seen a load of health professionals in that time to try and sort things out. I originally went to Nathan looking to increase my strength, it didn’t occur to me that a personal trainer could help with my pains where physical therapists and osteopaths had struggled. I don’t think that any more.

Nathan watched the way I went through various exercises and movements and spent a lot of time teaching me about what my body was doing. He taught me all about posture and now I know exactly what I should be doing with my body. I know what it feels like when I’m in a bad position and through the training with him I’ve developed the coordination and knowledge of how to change that into positions that don’t cause me pain.

As we’ve continued to train (over six month now!) Nathan’s continued to learn more and more about my body and the exercise we’re doing together is constantly changing to reflect his deeper understanding. My body is still a work in progress but Nathan has given me the confidence that we really are making things better. When I do get pain I know where it’s come from and I know what to do about it. I know what I should be doing when I’m cycling, when I’m sitting at work, when I’m strength training as well as anything else I may be doing.

This change from just suffering from pain I didn’t understand to knowing where it comes from and being confident I can do something about it is massive for me. Taking on Nathan as my personal trainer was a great decision.
Damien, Project Manager


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