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An Overview Of The Benefits Of Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us but we can be a little vague on exactly why. As well as looking better, feeling better, sleeping better, dealing better with stress, performing our jobs better and being happier there are a whole host of other health benefits. Let's get specific on them....

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One Of The Best Fat Loss Exercises : High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Most clients that comes to us would like to lower their body fat. Whether it's a thirty-something looking to be slimmer for her holiday, a forty-five year old mother looking to feel a little better or regular gym goer trying to finally attain that six pack, keeping body fat low without resorting to elaborate diets is high on most people's list....

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How Spinting Can Cause The Fat To Vanish While Keeping You Healthy

Sprinting has become a big deal in recent years as a tool to reduce body fat and for good reason. Sprint work interval training is probably the most intense and efficient workout you can get for your fat burning buck. Get and stay lean, develop strength, power and size, improve mobility, athleticism and coordination all from an invigorating workout that takes no more than 25 minutes ...

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