When You Take Part In Our Program We Will Develop A Training Program Suitable Only For You

A Personal Fitness PlanCreating A Fitness Plan For You

As we learn about you, we’ll put together a fitness plan tailored to your goals and fitting with your life. You’ll learn how to exercise effectively and safely based on scientific principles and in tune with your body and individual goals. Your programme will cover your personal training as well as any supplementary training you’ll undertake on your own. We’ll teach you all you need to achieve your goals. At all times you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and how to do it.

Your exercise will be varied and fun. Your body will dramatically change as you learn more and become stronger, slimmer and fitter. Every seven weeks we’ll change your programme to keep things interesting and make sure your results keep coming. We’ll work with you to develop short and long term goals that are truly meaningful and important to you.

Putting It Together – Using Your Fitness Plan

Combining these elements gives us an amazing recipe for your success. Varied and enjoyable training personally tailored to you, a new programme every seven weeks to maximise your results and the support and guidance of an expert trainer with years of experience helping people look and feel their best. You will leave us in the best shape of your life, we guarantee it.

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