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Our Personal Trainers work from our Fulham Road private fitness studio at SW6 5HE or we can come to you in and around the Kensington area.

We want to show you how much we can do for you.

We want you to be completely confident in your choice of personal trainer. That’s why we offer a trial session for £10 where you can try us out.

You can see how we work, see if our personalities match, and gather all the information you need to decide if we can help you reach you goals.

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Having a personal trainer is the easiest and fastest way to achieve your health and fitness goals. How many times have you seen your favourite celebrity engage the services of a personal trainer when preparing for a new role or upcoming tour? If personal fitness training is good enough for Beyonce to invest thousands of pounds into, then it must be a proven method for getting results.

Personal Training in Kensington

If you’re looking to hire the best personal trainer in Kensington, then our team of trainers are sure to be of assistance. One-on-one fitness coaching can help you smash through those fitness goals that you’ve never quite been able to reach before.

We are among some of the most knowledgeable and qualified trainers when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Our tailored advice will be specific to your body type, goals and available time, giving you the edge over those blindly following the generic advice on the internet or fitness magazines. What’s more, we make exercise fun and provide exciting workouts to replace those monotonous repetitions in the gym. We have already achieved fantastic results for hundreds of clients and are now extending their services to offer personal training in Kensington.

We can also provide a unique personal training experience for people wanting a personal trainer in Chelsea.