An Example Of A Great Weight Loss Meal

This is this final part of my series on the three core elements that create great weight loss foods and lead to sustainable and successful weight loss. In this article we’ll be combining the three elements into a full meal with recipe and cooking instructions.

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Clients often complain that it is too difficult to fit healthy meals into their diet. They tell me that these meals take too long to prepare, include complicated preparation methods and require  expensive ingredients. It is a common conception that it is simply more convenient and less expensive to eat processed, calorific foods. However, I know healthy eating really can be simple and fit smoothly into your life.

Omelettes: the queen of weight loss meals

As I outlined in the earlier articles, a great weight loss meal is made of foods high in fibre, protein and water. I am a big fan of omelettes. They are easy to prepare, work as breakfast, lunch or dinner and are perfect for weight loss. Chances are you already have the ingredients required in your kitchen and you can vary the ingredients according to your taste. An omelette creates a low calorie meal, which leaves you feeling more than satisfied in terms of hunger. Perfect for your weight loss goals.

Here is an excellent recipe for you to try


2 egg whites and one whole egg

¼ of a cup (1 oz) of fat-free cheddar cheese

1 slice of lean ham, ripped into pieces

½ an onion, diced

½ cup of spinach leaves

Diced green peppers

½ cup of diced mushrooms

Preparation Method

Heat your saucepan to medium heat.

Lightly coat the saucepan in olive oil or low calorie spray.

Sauté the diced onions, pepper and mushrooms until they are almost cooked.

Add in the spinach leaves and gently sauté.

In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs.

Pour the eggs in on top of your sautéed vegetables and gently begin to scramble.

Once the eggs begin to solidify (which usually takes less than a minute), leave them to rest.

Turn your hob down to a lower level of heat.

Gently sprinkle the pieces of ham and cheese over your omelette.

Allow to sit for a minute before removing your omelette and serving.

Only 300 calories

This omelette sounds tasty right? Believe it or not, it only contains 300 calories! It is a very filling meal option, which supports your low calorie diet plan and tastes great. Give it a try as part of your diet plan.