What Makes A Great Weight Loss Food?


A question that is often put to me by my clients is “what kinds of foods are best for losing weight?”. They have the exercise regime down, but can struggle to choose foods which will help them to reach their weight loss goals.

A great weight loss food is a foods that fills you up while leaving you feeling satisfied and is simultaneously low in calories. Believe it or not, such foods do exist!

To be clear: you will lose weight when your body uses more calories than it consumes. Creating a filling and satisfying diet which is low in calories is key to weight loss success. So what makes up these great foods?

Protein, Fibre, Water

The three elements that create satisfying foods that are low in calories are protein, fibre, and water content. Foods high these three elements (or a combination of them) are the foods you should be looking for to succeed in your weight loss goals without being hungry the whole time. Those who come to me for personal training in London Bridge find that it’s these foods that create a healthy and filling diet that actually works.


I believe strongly in the value of high protein foods and their benefits for weight loss. Out of the three macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, protein) protein is by far the most filling. That means that for exactly the same number of calories protein can leave you feeling full while carbs and fat leave you hungry.

Each meal should contain a great source of protein (fish, poultry, quorn) to make sure it’s satisfying and keeps you from snacking.

Water Content

Vegetables, fruits, yoghurts and soups all have high water content. These foods satisfy hunger without the racking up calories. The water content makes them filling and fruits and vegetables especially are low in calories. Something like grapefruit is great for satisfying a craving for something sweet too.


Swap your bowl of Sugar Puffs in the morning for a fibre-rich bowl of bran flakes or oats and you can be guaranteed that mid-morning will come and go without hunger pangs. Why? Fibre rich foods take longer for your body to digest, hence you feel fuller for longer. Clients who come to me for personal training in London Bridge find that not only do you snack less when starting the day with a fibre filled breakfast, but also these breakfasts can actually be lower in calories too. It’s a win-win situation in terms of following your weight loss plan. Vegetables are by far your best source of fibre rich foods (as well as having a high water content).

Make high water, high protein and high fibre foods your weight loss foods of choice. They offer a lower calorie density, keep you full for longer and are the foods on which you can build your weight loss success.