What To Eat To Lose Weight: Foods High in Fibre

Weight loss happens when you eat foods high in protein, water-content and fibre. To learn about all three check out What makes a great weight loss food? . Here I’ll specifically be talking about the importance of fibre.

As a personal trainer, I am as interested in the benefits of diet and nutrition as I am in exercise. One key tip that I offer clients is to ensure their diet consists of food which are high in fibre. If you are serious about losing weight then it’s a tip that you should make use of.

Why Fibre?

High fibre foods take longer for your digestive systems to process which results in feeling fuller for longer. This means you’re much less tempted to snack and so can ensure the low calorie day which will make sure you lose weight. Hence, a diet which features foods high in fibre can help you to achieve weight loss.

Foods high in fibre

When I talk about high fibre foods, I mean foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans (legumes) and whole grains. The best are berries, root vegetables and beans which are all high in fibre and low in calories, offering double the benefits in term of weight loss.

Whole grain carbohydrates (brown rice, bread, pasta) are high in fibre but also in calories. There’s space for them in a weight loss diet but too much can undermine everything.


I try to fit a source of fibre in every meal. For example, if I want a morning smoothie, I will ensure to include some vegetables (spinach, kale) along with fruit. If you need a fix of cereal, muesli or bran flakes with some added berries are your best option.


For lunch, I will either have a salad or an open sandwich with some wholegrain bread. If I choose a sandwich, the wholegrain bread complete with chicken or turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers offers a filling meal fuelled by protein, fibre and water rich foods. I find that my clients are often a bit wary about including bread in their diet. However, once it is wholegrain and eaten only in moderation, I think it’s fine.


Whatever your choice of evening meal, it is very easy to fit high fibre foods into your diet. My clients find that including butter beans, kidneys beans, lentils, kale or chickpeas to your plate is the most convenient means of doing so. These versatile foods can make for a tasty addition to any meal.

Fibre also allows our digestive system to work to its optimum capability. Don’t underestimate this, an alarming number of people suffer with diverticular diseases caused by a low fibre diet. Foods high in fibre ensure your long term health as well as creating a low-calorie but filling diet that will anchor your weight loss. A winning combination!