The Benefits of Exercise for Stress

We can all succumb to stress every now and again, as we tackle our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. For some people, stress can be a more frequent occurrence. As a personal trainer in West London, I see first-hand just how much exercise can really help to alleviate stress. Any form of exercise, from jogging to Zumba to kick-boxing can help to reduce stress. How exactly is this so? Read on to find out.


Exercise Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are neurotransmitters which cause our brains to diminish feelings of pain, in a similar way to pain killers. They are very commonly known as “happy hormones”. Exercise triggers a release in these endorphins which alter our mood, leading to us experience more relaxed and happier feelings.

Stress can cause our muscles to become tense and leads to aches and pains. Exercise not only benefits stress by uplifting your mood, but by relaxing these tense muscles, which in turn provides a greater sense of wellbeing.

As a personal trainer, I see the change exercise creates in mood every day. It is not at all uncommon for my 6 and 7pm clients to arrive at the gym pissed off from work. By the time they leave their stressful day is completely behind them and they’re free to enjoy their evening. They are much more relaxed and refreshed, and will be more capable of tackling work and their other duties the next day.

For me, it is satisfying to see how exercise not only helps my clients to achieve their weight loss or other goals but also leaves them feeling so much better.


You don’t need a complete gym workout

Many of us strive to find ways to tackle the significant levels of stress that we experience. One of the easiest and most natural ways of doing so is to get out and get active. You don’t need to run for miles or undertake a hectic exercise regime to experience the stress reducing effects of exercise. A simple leisurely walk in the evening can be enough to completely change your mood.

After a busy day often all I want in the evenings (and something I’m trying to get better at) is to find some way to “switch off” and unwind. From personal experience, I have found that getting out for a 30 minute walk is an incredibly reliable way of kick starting this process of unwinding and de-stressing. If I find myself in a bad place then exercise is my go to cure.

Exercise is not just about looking great, it is very much a means of changing how you’re thinking and feeling. You have two very good reasons to take up an exercise class or go for a walk – you will create that body and feel better. What else benefits your mental and physical health all at once?