An Overview Of The Benefits Of Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us but we can be a little vague on exactly why. Let’s get specific.

Regular exercise:
•    Reduces progression to dementia and Alzheimer’s in older people by 50%
•    Reduced progression to frank diabetes by 58% in people with a high diabetes risk
•    Provides a 41% reduction in the risk of hip fracture in post menopausal women
•    Reduces anxiety by 48%
•    Is the number one treatment of fatigue
•    Provides a reduction of 30% in patients suffering depression
•    Reduced heart disease rate by almost 50% in women going from 0 to 1 hour activity a week
•    Reduced the risk of dying prematurely by about 14 percent, or the equivalent of three additional years of life.

We gain all of these specific benefits as well as looking better, feeling better, sleeping better, dealing better with stress, performing our jobs better and being happier.

And the big thing to take away from all of the research is that it really doesn’t take much exercise to gain these amazing benefits. You can walk, run, dance, swim, cycling, play sport, take Zumba, dust off your Wii Fit, play with the kids, play with the dog, anything. As long as you are up and about on a daily basis you will be gaining the amazing benefits listed above.

The biggest change you can possibly make is going from no exercise to some exercise. So, if you currently don’t take any activity, make a resolution to make the most of our new found lovely weather and go for a walk. That’s all it takes.

The video below outlines in more detail the health benefits of exercise and is a fun watch. It’s 10 minutes well spent, I promise.