Welcome to Nathan Towle Personal Training

We’re a friendly team of West London personal trainers who specialise in weight loss, slimming, and toning.

1Either You See Results Or Your Training Is 100% Free

We offer a complete money back guarantee. Either you make great progress towards your goals and love what we're doing for you, or we’ll refund every penny you’ve spent on us - no questions asked. That way you can be 100% sure you’ll only pay for training that works.

2Private Personal Training Studio in Fulham

We work predominantly from our Fulham Road private personal training studio. We also travel to the surrounding areas of Chelsea, Putney, Wandsworth, Kensington, and Hammersmith.

3Try Us Out For £10

We offer a £10 first session so you can meet us and find out if we are what you’re looking for. You can find out more on our £10 First Session Page.

Lose Weight

Reducing your body fat is an amazing change you can make in your life. Along with a host of health benefits, becoming slimmer will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. Your fitness will skyrocket, your waistline will shrink and you’ll have more energy and confidence.

Gain Muscle

Gaining muscle is an enjoyable and rewarding goal. You’ll eat more, train hard, learn effective and safe technique and improve your coordination and athleticism. Most importantly, you’ll pack on lean muscle and completely change your body.


We have a private personal training Studio on Fulham Road. We also cover the surrounding areas of Chelsea, Putney, Wandsworth, Kensington, and Hammersmith.

People remark on how my body has improved and I'm now confident enough to wear more fitted clothes. I would recommend Nathan to anybody!Nick, Actor

Through Nathan’s expert and personable coaching I’m now more confident in my physicality both on the beat and on the field of play. Even better, I’m enjoying the process.Abi, Police Officer

Nathan really delivered everything he said he would, I'd recommend him to anyone.Giles, Rugby Player

Nathan's guidance on nutrition and the exercise plan he set up for me meant I was able to slim down. And I'm still enjoying running today! Thank you so much Nathan.Alyssa, Teacher

I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Nathan to anybody looking to lose weight.Amy, Architect

Nathan  is a joy to work with always manages to get the best out of me.  Anyone thinking about taking their training to the next level  would be crazy not to take that first step. I am in the best shape of my life!Lee, Cabin Crew

With Nathan's help I have managed to gain 8.5% of mass in 8 weeks and his work on posture has completely relieved me of the back aches I used to experience.Vivek, Software Developer

If you think you may be too old for a fitness trainer, you’re wrong. With Nathan’s help I am now stronger than I ever thought I would be.Jonathan, Professor

Nathan is a really amazing trainer; I cannot recommend him highly enough.Gary, Actor

Thanks for everything you’ve done Nathan. I couldn’t have asked for more.Holly, Musician

I thoroughly enjoy my training sessions - they are innovative, well structured, results focused and excellent fun. No more boring gym workout!Miriam, VP

Training with Nathan has been a fantastic experience. Now I’m fitter than I’ve ever been before. Thank you.Ronda, Medical Consultant

Nathan’s manageable fitness program alongside his insights into my own difficulties with exercise has without exaggeration been transformational. I look great too. Thanks Nathan!Sally, Mother and housewife

I’ve trained with different personal trainers but Nathan is by far the best.Laura, Public Relations Account Executive

Nathan’s encouraging, gentle and dynamic approach has transformed my relationship to exercise.Naomi, Doctor